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Inspire School of Arts and Sciences wins 2023 Exemplary Arts Education Award

- By Jennie Blevins jblevins@chicoer.com

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences has been selected as one of 19 schools in California to receive the 2023 California Exemplary Arts Education Award.

Superinten­dent/Principal Becky Brown is very proud of the school and its staff.

“I am thrilled to see our teachers recognized for their outstandin­g instructio­n in the arts. Inspire has always valued and supported creativity and imaginatio­n in students, and the way the arts are embedded in the life of our school helps all students, even those focused on science, engineerin­g, or math, become innovators and problem-solvers,” said Brown.

Schools that earned this award showcased an intense devotion to providing resources and funding for arts education and prioritize­d making quality instructio­n in the arts available to all students, according to a press release.

“Inspire is home for hundreds of students who want to pursue their dreams in an equitable and nurturing environmen­t. My peers and I are encouraged to produce art and work we love while being actively supported by teachers. Inspire has enabled me to apply and foster my passions, and I am eternally grateful to be a student here,” said student Maya Klein, a senior at Inspire.

The school’s chief business officer will travel to Anaheim in February to accept the award at the California School Recognitio­n Program Ceremony alongside other distinguis­hed schools in the state, according to the release.

“This is the first time Inspire has won a state issued award,” Brown said. “They were looking for schools and learning in three subject areas. They were also looking for inclusive programs and since 95% of the students participat­e in arts programs, all of the teachers are committed to making sure all students participat­e in subject areas in the arts.”

Brown has served as principal of Inspire since January 2020. She first started out at the school as an English teacher.

Inspire is a public high school charter in Chico that offers arts learning opportunit­ies for students in the discipline­s of dance, theatre, instrument­al and vocal music, visual arts, digital arts, and production. Over 95% of students participat­e in arts classes, and students can choose to major or complete Career Technical Education pathways in their chosen discipline­s, according to the release.

The school received the press release announcing the award Jan. 24 and also received an invitation to attend the program ceremony occurring in February.

Inspire is currently open for enrollment for the 202324 school year. There are currently 380 students at Inspire. More informatio­n can be found at www.inspirechi­co.org.

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