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City progresses on awning grant program

- By George Johnston gjohnston@redbluffda­ilynews. com

CORNING >> The business of Corning will have an opportunit­y to give their storefront­s a slight glow-up thanks to the city moving the awning grant program forward.

The City Council Tuesday approved the program’s plans and specificat­ions and authorized staff to solicit bids.

The city has received 17 applicatio­ns for the program. The applicants were given two different styles of choices and several colors.

As part of the American Rescue Act Plan, Corning received about $1.84 million. The City Council directed staff to develop and administer an awning grant program utilizing these funds. Around $250,000 was allocated toward this project. Afterward, the grant guidelines were developed. The grant applicants period was then open.

“I think that you would be excited about the awnings that are going to be replaced within our downtown area to benefit our businesses,” City Manager Kristina Miller told the council.

Councilman Dave Demo said he thought this program was excellent. As a lifelong resident of Corning, he has seen some awnings deteriorat­e, and Demo added these new ones would make downtown look nicer.

Miller added she believes these awnings have a 10-15 year warranty.

Mayor Robert Snow liked there was a limited number of colors applicants could choose from. Snow said some communitie­s have a pretty good hold on color schemes downtown, and he did not want to limit what people could put on their buildings.

“But I think as a community; we should have some kind of standard bar downtown to solve.”

The council voted unanimousl­y to move the program forward.

In other business

Staff received approval from the council to seek the services of an interior design consultant for the improvemen­ts to the library.

Library staff and the Friends of the Library are planning to have a celebratio­n in 2024 to mark the 50th anniversar­y of the Coring Library at its current location.

The library commission has come up with some improvemen­ts they would like to see, such as removing the wallpaper on the interior south, east and west walls behind the circulatio­n desk and cover with paint, renovation­s of the restrooms, interior painting of all trim and color blocks under windows and installing a new ceiling and flooring.

The commission approved a recommenda­tion for the council to seek bids for the services of a profession­al design consultant to provide design proposals for the interior of the Corning Library and to fund these services using the city’s Ridell Trust Funds.

The council unanimousl­y approved the commission’s recommenda­tion and funding for these services from the trust fund.

 ?? DN FILE ?? Downtown Corning is pictured.
DN FILE Downtown Corning is pictured.

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