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Believing promises of our politician­s

- — Michael Herman, Chico

The Egyptian Religion of antiquity was based on universall­y accepted truths that unseen gods and goddesses ruled humanity; Pharaohs and religious leaders were therefore empowered by societal acceptance of these “truths.”

Such acceptance was essential when it came to controllin­g the large populace. Those beliefs also worked to convince lesser folk of the necessity of building expensive pyramids and tombs to ensure that some elite members of Egyptian society would live for eternity after their death. Their religion was mythology, of course, but for thousands of years, copious wealth was used to construct expensive, elaboratel­ydecorated tombs to house dead elites, who were mummified to preserve them as they awaited future re-animation.

Of course, their religious beliefs were false, re-animation didn’t happen, and those desiccated human remains reposed in their tombs waiting for a resurrecti­on that would never come. What fools they were. On the other hand, we Americans aren’t fools. We’re not controlled by anyone. Our leaders, government­al, political, and religious, assure us our deities are genuine; politician­s and government­al elites exercise benign control on our behalf, our endless wars are just and necessary, and we’re completely free.

Our politician­s and our government wouldn’t dissemble, would they? No control for us! Unlike those deluded ancient Egyptians, we accept as an unassailab­le truth that our politician­s put our interests first, not those of the elites and wealthy, and our unquestion­ably-true religion guarantees us eternal life. We’re well governed, we can avoid death, and one day we’ll float away and live forever. ‘Struth!

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