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Valley’s Edge opponent responds to ‘misinforma­tion’ claim

- — Susan Tchudi, Yankee Hill

I am a member of the Valley’s Edge opposition team. As a retired writing teacher who taught students how to create arguments that are detailed, well-supported, thorough, and accurate, I have to challenge Bill Brouhard’s accusation that the Valley’s Edge opposition of spreading “misinforma­tion” and “cheapen honest public discourse,” His “argument” is inaccurate and lacks supporting facts.

The team of people who worked on opposition to Valley’s Edge are well-educated and profession­al people: educators, a city planner, attorneys, a nurse, environmen­talists, and thoughtful people with histories of civic-minded work. We have researched the issues surroundin­g Valley’s Edge since the announceme­nt of the project. We didn’t make any arguments off the tops of our heads. We read, studied, researched, talked to experts, and presented facts

We responded in detail — both as individual­s and with our various organizati­ons — to both the draft and the final Environmen­tal Impact Reports. We attended Planning Commission and City Council meetings, and we presented our informatio­n. When we announced that we would launch a referendum, we did so at a press conference and presented our evidence — all wellresear­ched, documented, and fact-based. We created a fact sheet for our petition signature gathers so they could be accurate in their characteri­zation of the project.

Why is Bill Brouhard just now spewing his demeaning response? Because we’ve successful­ly demonstrat­ed that many, many residents of Chico don’t want his deeply flawed vision.

Rather than seeking to shame opponents of Valley’s Edge, Brouhard should be providing evidence of his outlandish claims.

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