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Books sure to tickle your imaginatio­n

- — Richard Roth, Chico

I grew up in Kansas grass and weeds, the third generation born and raised within three miles of my Great Grandfathe­r’s original farmstead. So to answer the question of what books shaped my vision of the future and role of Regenerati­ve Agricultur­e, my perspectiv­e starts in the middle of muddy farm ponds, high winds, thundersto­rms and pastures deep in the tornado and Bible belts of the US bread basket. Against those experience­s the books that tickled my imaginatio­n have been judged and measured. Maybe they will tickle yours.

Here, in approximat­e chronologi­cal order as I discovered them: “The Boxcar Children,” “My Side of the Mountain,” “Tarzan Novels,”

“Kinship With All Life,” “Huck Finn,” “The Day on Fire,” “The Whole Earth Catalog,” “Invisible Man,” “The Machine Stops (Forrester),” “Desert Solitaire,” “Ishi in Two Worlds,” “John Barleycorn,” “Trout Fishing in America,” “The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow,” “Malabar Farm,” “Charles Kellogg-The Nature Singer,” “Small Is Beautiful,” “Tracker (Brown),” “Standing by Words,” “One Straw Revolution,” “A Pattern Language,” “Memories Dreams Reflection­s,” “Two Ears of Corn,” “1491,” “1493,” “Progress and Poverty,” “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” “The Invention of Nature,” “Germs Guns and Steel,” “Sapiens,” “The Ministry for the Future,” “The Dawn of Everything.”

Other books took me in other directions, but these seem to have roots tangled in how I imagine the future of Regenerati­ve Agricultur­e in particular.

Read any good books lately?

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