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Nominees sought for Chico Sports Hall of Fame

Banquet returns for its 48th year May 9 after hiatus


Tuesday, May 9 will mark the return of the Chico Sports Hall of Fame and Senior Athletes Banquet for the first time since 2019, following a pandemic-caused hiatus.

The Chico Enterprise-Record is asking for nominees from the public for induction into the Chico Sports Hall of Fame at the 48th annual Hall of Fame and Senior Athletes Banquet, which will be held at the Chico Elks Lodge at 1705 Manzanita Avenue.

Nominees submitted will be reviewed and selected by a committee of Chico Sports Hall of Fame members.

A person will not be considered for induction until five years after his or her participat­ion in the case of an athlete, or until after five years continuous contributi­on in the case of a coach or supporter.

Only people who went through Chico schools, meaning those in the Chico Unified School District or its predecesso­rs and Chico State, or who come from the Chico community will be eligible for induction. A non-Chicoan could be eligible if he or she contribute­d in some way directly to the Chico sports scene.

Send nomination­s and the nominee’s credential­s to the Enterprise-Record sports department by email at sports@chicoer. com. Please include details about a nominee’s accomplish­ments and awards.

Nomination­s and any supporting informatio­n are due by Saturday, April 1.

Also during the evening, the top senior athletes of the year from Chico State and 12 area high schools and the top sophomores from Butte College will be honored, as selected by each school’s athletic directors and coaching staffs.

Tickets for the event will become available for sale in early April. Stay tuned for a story on how to purchase tickets.

Chico Sports Hall of Fame members by year of induction are as follows: ———

1973 — Art Acker; Tommy Costar; Larry Gillick; George Maderos; Ray Orrick; Jane Shurmer;

1974 — Eddie Booth; Eben Brown; John College; Maddy Madsen;

1975 — Bud Hanna; Dr. Maxwell Lee; Frank Mertz;

1976 — Mel Jones; Don Martin; Hal Petersen; Willie Simmons;

1977 — Hal Bishop; Mackay Martin; Joe Stetser;

1978 — Ord Canfield; Bush Dalrymple; Clayton Dalrymple; Les Dalrymple; Jerry Pero;

1979 — Denton Hill; Skip McDonald;

1980 — Al Schlueter; Tony Separovich;

1981 — Ralph E. Hensley; Clarence Pentico;

1982 — Ethel Bornefeld;

Betty Lou Raker; Cherrie Sherrard;

1984 — Ted Blofsky; Nelson Briles; Elmeretta Brown; Lola Osborn Story;

1985 — Frank Enos; Bill Kemp;

1986 — Ernie Barber; Herb Jergentz; Joan Wallace;

1987 — Bob Gheller; Om Wraith;

1988 — Gene Bird; Gerry Conlee;

1989 — B.J. Rice; Chauncey Turnbow;

1990 — Norma Lee Moore; Saxon Wraith;

1991 — Blackie Gilbert; Dick Marshall; Rock McClellan;

1992 — Keith Calkins; Wes Walsvick;

1993 — John Abell; Bill Striegel;

1994 — Mike Liddell; Ernie Maglischo; Deanne Vochaster;

1995 — Lynn Cannon; Ron Mossbarger; Dave Sigel;

1996 — John Beck; Kathy Neal; Charlie Nelson;

1997 — Gene Howard; Jeff Stover;

1998 — Jess Castillo; John McHenry; Vance McHenry;

1999 — Fran Coslet; Chet Lyssy; Luanne Park; Mario Serafin;

2000 — Dale Edson; Matt Maderos; Milan Murray; Doug Parker;

2001 — Kathy Arendsen; John Padjen; Dennis Varley;

2002 — Don Batie; Doug Dressler; Mary Ann Lazzarini;

2003 — Pat Clements; Skip Reager; Mike Sherrard; Marilyn Williams; Jim Wilson;

2004 — Tonya (Alston) Burns; Don Carlsen; Press Powell; Walton Powell; Carl Selkirk;

2005 — A.D. Johnson; Shane Scott; Chuck Sheley; Donna White;

2006 — Rex Grossart; Matt Lucena; Debbie Maderos; Nancy Plants; David Stephens;

2007 — Tracey Anderson; Kari Christense­n; Brian Keyser; Tom Powers; Roque Santos;

2008 — Joddie (Vossler) Gleason; Jill (Symons) Hernandez;

Pete Riehlman; Craig Rigsbee; Clark Yeager;

2009 — Pete Hovland; Suzanne (Richter) Reade; Mark Reischling; Sam Simmons;

2010 — Haley (Cope) Clark; Kyle Grossart; Randy Grossart; Ron Grossart; Ted Howard; Chris Verhulst;

2011 — Jay Anderson; Armand Brett; Kirk Freitas; Sandy Goulart;

2012 — Matt O’Sullivan; Chris Pane; Debra Roth; Prescott “Puck” Smith;

2013 — Traci Ciapponi Frazier; Gary Houser; Gary Towne;

2014 — Bob Clements; Tom Harrington; Ken Piercy; James Starmer;

2015 — Dr. Alan Azevedo; Al Darby; Kathy Haines; Bill Wells;

2016 — Steve Nettleton, Bob Noe, Mark Stahl;

2017 — Pat Gillick, Ross Land, David Santos;

2018 — Gerald Circo, Ray Narbaitz, Eileen Mason;

2019 — Joy Jones, Brett Silva, Richard ‘Dick’ Trimmer.

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