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The line, “The state does not have the bud­get to man­age the re­sources the way the For­est Ser­vice or BLM does,” is a load of bull com­ing from a fed­eral em­ployee [“Com­mon Ground,” “Pub­lic Do­mains”]. That’s be­cause the Feds have po­si­tioned them­selves as the provider of all, and as such, have in­sin­u­ated them­selves be­tween states and tax­pay­ers for the bulk of rev­enue.

How about we knock fed­eral taxes down 50 per­cent, have the states cor­re­spond­ingly raise them to com­pen­sate as a net zero per­cent in­crease on their res­i­dents, and let states go back to gov­ern­ing them­selves with­out the con­stant threat of the Feds with­hold­ing funds?

Un­der the cur­rent sys­tem, less af­flu­ent states think they’re go­ing to get their more pros­per­ous neigh­bors’ money, while more wealthy states think their reps are go­ing to man­age to suck up most of the funds (which is more likely).

If I were king, you’d be on your own, mi­nus in­fra­struc­ture and de­fense. But you could keep more of your own money, too.

Jcar­lin, via out­door­

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