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○ BREED NOTES At 22 to 25 inches tall and 45 to 60 pounds, a redbone may seem like overkill on rab­bits, but they are good, steady work­ers with in­cred­i­ble noses.

○ HUNT­ING STYLE How about a dual-pur­pose hound? A redbone can hunt rab­bits by day and coons by night. A redbone will trail what­ever you put him on. And if you’re a north­ern snow­shoe hare hunter, the redbone’s lon­g­legged physique was made for your kind of coun­try.

○ BONUS POINTS Red­bones are ex­ceed­ingly hand­some and af­fec­tion­ate. Find a runt and you could have the mul­ti­pur­pose hound of a life­time.

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