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This new de­coy com­bines the light­weight, pack­able ben­e­fits of a wind­sock with the 3D re­al­ism of a full-body. The dekes are made of a rub­ber­ized foam, and they col­lapse and crunch down when it’s time to pack them up. To set them in the field, you sim­ply pop the de­coy back into form with your hands or blow air into it with the back vent to work out any creases. A dozen of these de­coys, plus stakes, weighs less than 5 pounds.

An­other high point of these dekes is that they move nicely in a light wind, adding re­al­is­tic move­ment to your spread. In heavy winds, you can push a lit­tle rub­ber washer (one comes on each stake) into the de­coy to keep it from spin­ning around like a top. In a pinch, you can even use these de­coys in a shal­low-wa­ter spread by stak­ing them so the body sits just above the sur­face. White Rock sells longer stakes, or you can just use gar­den stakes and cut them to your de­sired length. On the down­side, these de­coys don’t pop back into form very eas­ily in temps be­low 20 de­grees, and they’re pricey. But you won’t find a bet­ter way to add num­bers to your setup with­out adding much weight. ($140/6; white­rock­de­coys.com)

White Rock full­body de­coys at work in a Wis­con­sin pas­ture.

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