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Shell de­coys have come a long way in the last few years, and FA’S are as re­al­is­tic as they get. These are hefty dekes. Each shell is 2 feet long, and the 12-pack (plus heads) weighs al­most 30 pounds. The de­coys have a nice high pro­file and will be very vis­i­ble to geese. You can stack all 12 shells on top of each other, which makes them ex­tremely pack­able. The trade­off for that is you have to screw on the heads every time you set your spread, which can get pretty te­dious on a cold, dark morn­ing. But so goes the life of a goose hunter.

All the de­coys have flocked heads and de­tailed paint jobs. ($312/12; fab­

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