Ten laser rangefind­ers, tested and ranked for bowhunt­ing, longdis­tance shoot­ing, and ri­fle hunt­ing


ANY­ONE WHO shoots a bow or a gun and must know the ex­act dis­tance to a tar­get re­lies on laser rangefind­ers to pro­vide shoot­ing so­lu­tions. But the at­tributes of a rangefinde­r in­tended for bowhunt­ing dif­fer greatly from those con­fig­ured for tar­get shoot­ing be­yond 1,000 yards.

Our test of 10 of the most pop­u­lar rangefind­ers was de­signed to eval­u­ate those at­tributes. We mea­sured a wide range of ca­pa­bil­i­ties, not only in power and pre­ci­sion, but also in dis­play, com­pu­ta­tion, op­ti­cal clar­ity, and cus­tomiza­tion—to help you choose a rangefinde­r for three typ­i­cal, but fairly dis­tinct, pur­poses: bowhunt­ing, gen­eral ri­fle hunt­ing, and longdis­tance pre­ci­sion shoot­ing.

We also learned that laser tech­nol­ogy is chang­ing fast. So if you need a rangefinde­r now, by all means use our test as a buyer’s guide. But if you can wait for next year, look for a new gen­er­a­tion of more pow­er­ful and ca­pa­ble laser rangefind­ers to reach the mar­ket.

These six rangefind­ers are con­fig­ured for gen­eral hunt­ing tasks.

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