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I’ve en­joyed read­ing and re­ceiv­ing your magazine since the ’70s. It was al­ways re­al­is­tic when it came to hunt­ing, guns, bows, and other en­deav­ors. But your pub­li­ca­tion has got­ten to be the rich kids’ magazine. Yes, things cost more, but the prices of gear that you cover are be­yond our dreams now. The cheap­est com­pound in your bow test [Gear, Au­gust 2017] was $299; for cross­bows, it was $649.

It’s no won­der both par­ents have to work. It’s also no won­der we aren’t re­cruit­ing and re­tain­ing hun­ters like we did in the past. Why do you al­ways test and show the most ex­pen­sive things out there? Most young peo­ple and oth­ers can’t af­ford what you think is nor­mal. I just wish you were like the orig­i­nal writ­ers of OL, who were every­day peo­ple.

Craig M. Dean Burnsville, WV

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