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It ap­pears what the au­thor is say­ing in “The Knock­down Myth” is that some hunters at­tempt to make up for a lack of skill with a lighter cal­iber by us­ing a heav­ier one. This is a self-de­feat­ing method, as it leads to more re­coil and a big­ger bang, which in turn leads to a fear of shoot­ing, flinch­ing, ner­vous­ness, and rush­ing the shot.

The only thing I know to help pre­vent these is fre­quent shoot­ing prac­tice and fre­quent hunt­ing ex­pe­ri­ences. Some of us need more of this than others. Some an­i­mals must sim­ply be hunted with larger cal­ibers, so go to the range and prac­tice with a firearm you can han­dle.

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