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Long-range sniper scopes shoot­ers that are can all ef­fec­tively the rage. Bal­lis­tic use the ret­i­cles, mas­sive tar­get tur­rets, par­al­lax ad­just­ment di­als, ex­treme zoom ranges, and bucket-sized ob­jec­tives com­bine to place bul­lets on small tar­gets at ex­treme ranges. Don’t skimp on these pre­ci­sion in­stru­ments. The higher the mag­ni­fi­ca­tion, the more vis­i­ble any op­ti­cal flaws. Di­als, tur­rets, screws, lenses, erec­tor tubes, and re­turn springs must be per­fect and durable enough to stay that way, shot af­ter shot. Bal­lis­tic ret­i­cles in the first-fo­cal plane are the eas­i­est to use quickly since they are con­sis­tent at any power set­ting. Tur­rets should snap crisply so you not only hear but feel each ad­just­ment. Lock­ing tur­rets pre­vent ac­ci­den­tal “ad­just­ments.” Cus­tom tur­rets with bold num­bers cor­re­lat­ing to the ex­act drops of your load sim­plify di­al­ing. Big ob­jec­tives gob­ble up the light you’ll need at 15X and up.

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