Jake Bohn­sack Buf­falo, MN


JAKE BOHN­SACK STARTED FISH­ING WALLEYES WHEN HE WAS 4 years old. That’s what you do in north­ern Min­nesota.

“My dad would take me and my broth­ers to Mille Lacs Lake as soon as the ice was safe. It wasn’t any­thing too se­ri­ous for us back then. We’d bring ice skates, and Dad would drill holes to set up rat­tle wheels. We’d skate around un­til one of those wheels started turn­ing, and then it was a race to see who could get to the fish first.”

Now Bohn­sack is 36 years old and takes his wall­eye fish­ing a lit­tle more se­ri­ously (al­though he still uses the same rat­tle wheels his dad em­ployed when he was a kid). A sales rep by trade, the Min­nesota na­tive finds time to tar­get walleyes close to 10 times per month. He mainly plies small lakes near his home. Still, the fish­ing pres­sure from nearby Min­neapo­lis pushes the lo­cal an­glers to tar­get fish dur­ing non­peak times, which is a great les­son for any­one hop­ing to boat more fish.

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