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Hang­ing a skull di­rectly on the wall doesn’t do a big deer jus­tice be­cause the tines tilt out in­stead of up. Here’s a bet­ter way to show off any skull—and your weld­ing skills. This project calls for at­ten­tion to de­tail and clean, strong welds.

Back Plate

Mea­sure and cut the back plate to 4-by-6 inches. Use an an­gle grinder with the cut­off wheel. Next, drill two ¼-inch holes into the plate. Align them ver­ti­cally—you’ll need th­ese holes to mount the plate to the wall. Cut the ³⁄₈inch re­bar at 3 inches and bend it in the mid­dle so it an­gles up at about 35 de­grees when at­tached to the plate. Mea­sure and cut a ³⁄₁₆-inch steel rod and bend a 2 ½-inch ra­dius

(this will be used to sta­bi­lize the skull).

Ar­rows/ar­row­heads Cut three pieces of ³⁄₈-inch re­bar to 4 inches. Th­ese pieces will be your ar­rows. Next, mea­sure and cut two 2-inch-square pieces of ¹⁄₈-inch steel plate. Draw an ar­row­head on each plate with a marker, and then use a ballpeen ham­mer and an­gle grinder to shape the ar­row­heads. Bevel the edges with a grinder for a blade­like look, and then hit each with a sand­ing pad. Weld the ar­row­heads to the re­bar ar­rows and wrap them in braz­ing wire.


Use pli­ers to cut two pieces of braz­ing rod to 2½ inches. The fletch­ings should ta­per, so each pair of rods should be slightly shorter than the pre­vi­ous pair. Cut a to­tal of 18 rods (nine pairs). Weld the braz­ing rod to your re­main­ing re­bar ar­row.


Lay out the pieces to check spac­ing, then tack-weld all three ar­rows to the plate. Make your welds at the bot­tom of each re­bar ar­row and at the top of the plate be­hind the re­bar. Then tack-weld the bent ³⁄₁₆-inch rod to the bot­tom of the 3-inch re­bar. This piece will sta­bi­lize the skull, so ad­just it to fit the skull you’re work­ing with. Now weld the 3-inch piece of re­bar to the back plate so it curves up­ward. Fin­ish weld­ing all the tacked parts, and hit ev­ery­thing with a sand­ing pad to take off any sharp edges. Se­cure the back plate to a wall stud, and hang your tro­phy.

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