Next-level Skill: Repack a Wheel Bear­ing

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Main­tain your trailer’s wheel bear­ings an­nu­ally (or ev­ery 10,000 miles) to pre­vent break­downs on the road


Jack up the trailer and re­move the tire from the axle. Use a ham­mer and a flat screw­driver to re­move the dust cap. You’ll see the cas­tle nut, which is held in place with a cot­ter pin. Us­ing pli­ers, pull that pin and spin off the cas­tle nut. Next, pull the wheel hub to­ward you. The outer bear­ing should slip off the axle.


Pull the wheel hub off com­pletely. At this stage, gen­tly re­move the in­ner-bear­ing seal and in­ner bear­ing. Be care­ful not to dam­age the seal dur­ing this step. You can get a re­place­ment if you do, but do not re­in­stall a dam­aged seal. If the seal is rusted to the hub, use a lit­tle WD-40 to lu­bri­cate it. Clean each bear­ing with brake cleaner. Then, dis­pense a big blob of high-tem­per­a­ture grease made specif­i­cally for wheel bear­ings into your hand. Wipe the grease into the gaps be­tween the cage and rollers. Com­pletely fill the cage of each bear­ing with grease, and re­in­stall ev­ery­thing in re­verse. —T.H.

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