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Zell’s Choice: Rebel Pop-r

▶ Prob­lem: The most com­mon er­ror an­glers make when run­ning pop­pers is not vary­ing their ca­dence enough. If fish are short-strik­ing, or just com­ing up and look­ing at the pop­per, it might be the pro­file or color that is dis­tract­ing them, but it’s more likely you’re not us­ing the right com­bi­na­tion of pulls and pauses. ▶ So­lu­tion: “I usu­ally start with two pops and then let it sit, then three pops,” he says. ”Some­times, if I see bait mov­ing on the sur­face, I’ll hold my rod in the air and reel it steadily and jerk it with­out stop­ping.” Often bass can be pat­terned by the pre­cise move­ments that trig­ger a strike, but re­mem­ber that the clearer the wa­ter, the faster you’ll often have to move a pop­per to keep them from get­ting a good look at it.

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