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Darton has built some ex­cel­lent cross­bows in years past, but the Toxin 125 Ss—the lat­est of the com­pany’s bullpup de­signs— was not a test-panel fa­vorite. While we did ap­pre­ci­ate the han­dling and com­pact de­sign, this one, like most bullpups, puts your cheek (and, in my case, whiskers) un­com­fort­ably close to the string. For that, we docked safety points. The in­cluded scope was one of the worst op­tics I’ve ever seen, and the bow was at the bot­tom of the pack for ac­cu­racy, with 1.56inch groups, and the sec­ond-slow­est bow of the test. dar­tonar­chery.com

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