No Ex­cuses

From open­ing morn­ing to the frigid fi­nale, there are plenty of ways to screw up a per­fectly good deer sea­son. Don’t let one of th­ese 22 mis­cues get the best of you and your tag


Are you the guy or gal who al­ways has a rea­son why you missed, spooked a buck, didn’t hunt, or oth­er­wise failed to fill your tag? Don’t be. We give you 22 rea­sons why this will be a deer sea­son when you won’t need an ex­cuse.

π You’d al­most for­got­ten last deer sea­son, hadn’t you? Then a few weeks ago, your buddy got his shoul­der mount back from the taxi­der­mist and was tex­ting you trail cam­era pho­tos of all the good bucks un­der his stands. Looks like he’s in for an­other awe­some year. But all of his brag­ging re­opened the old wounds from last Novem­ber. Now you have flash­backs of bucks snort­ing in the dis­tance and dreams of ar­rows stuck in trees. Those haunt­ing words from your cousin—“i don’t see no blood”—are stuck in your head like the lyrics to a bad pop coun­try tune. Spend more than a week­end in the deer woods and you’re bound to screw up a few op­por­tu­ni­ties. You can make ex­cuses and then re­peat the mis­takes this year. Or you can learn from them. We're go­ing to help you have a sea­son with­out ex­cuses, be­cause we’re fac­ing them down right here and now.

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