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I’ve taken quite a few black bears and four griz­zlies with tra­di­tional archery equip­ment. My long­bow is 52 pounds and shoots just 152 fps with those stone-point ar­rows—but it shot through a 7-foot bear. Us­ing tra­di­tional equip­ment on big an­i­mals has taught me this: If you want more pen­e­tra­tion, un­der­stand that ar­row mass and a solid, cut-on-con­tact broad­head are more im­por­tant than ar­row speed.

Lighter hunting ar­rows be­came the norm as bowhunters got caught up in the speed craze. But many of to­day’s savvy hun­ters are re­con­sid­er­ing their set­ups and sac­ri­fic­ing some speed for a heav­ier oomph. Any mod­ern com­pound set at 60 pounds or heav­ier should give you com­plete pen­e­tra­tion on deer-size game on vir­tu­ally ev­ery shot. If it doesn’t, the ar­row and/or broad­head is prob­a­bly to blame.

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