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If ev­ery trail cam pic you have of those big-antlered bucks is taken in the mid­dle of the dark­est night, it tells you some­thing. Those deer are noc­tur­nal, and it may be due to the pres­sure you’re plac­ing on the area—or the over­all hunting pres­sure in gen­eral. Truth is, a strictly noc­tur­nal buck can be al­most im­pos­si­ble to kill. The rut, com­bined with an in­com­ing cold front, can some­times bring the big boys out dur­ing day­light hours, but it's far

from a slam-dunk. If you’re cap­tur­ing pho­tos just prior to or after day­light, then you’ll need to do a lit­tle re­con and move closer to the buck’s bed­ding ar­eas to catch him in day­light. The good news is that you’re onto a buck that’s huntable. The bad news is, now you’ve got to move on that deer with­out spook­ing him. This is an ideal time to hang a stand and hunt it the very same day. Slip in dur­ing the day and pick a spot where you don’t have to cut big branches or leave scent across ma­jor deer trails. You have a good chance of am­bush­ing him that evening when he leaves his bed. And what if you’ve got day­light pics of your buck but have never seen him while hunting? Might be time to put the cell phone away and pay closer at­ten­tion.

Change your tac­tics de­pend­ing on the times you’re get­ting trail-cam shots.

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