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Gary Dobyns is rec­og­nized as one of the best West Coast bass anglers of all time, and he re­lies al­most en­tirely on 20- to 25-pound monofil­a­ment or fluoro­car­bon for their added stretch and low vis­i­bil­ity. He fishes super-clear wa­ter and says, “Fish in my lakes are smart and just won’t touch braid.” Greg Gu­tier­rez, an­other well-known swim­bait an­gler, fishes wa­ter that is most of­ten stained. He takes ad­van­tage of the near-zero stretch and sen­si­tiv­ity of 65-pound braid, be­cause he is less con­cerned about vis­i­bil­ity. He notes that the lack of stretch also pro­vides a lot of room for er­ror on a bad hook­set.

Bud­get Guide $$$ Gamma Torque Braid $38 (300 yd. of 65 lb.); gamma fish­ $$ P-line Ul­ti­mate Fluoro­car­bon $28 (250 yd. of 30 lb.);

$ P-line CXX Moss Green Monofil­a­ment $12 (300 yd. of 20 lb.);

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