weeks 28-40 (or un­til birth)

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third trimester YOU’RE IN THE FI­NAL

stretch and your belly is in full pop-up mode. As baby grows, you’ll feel more and more tired — and more and more hun­gry. You prob­a­bly weigh more than you ever have in your life, but don’t freak out. Re­mem­ber that weight gain is nor­mal, as long as it’s in a healthy range, and look at the big­ger pic­ture of healthy baby rather than the num­ber on the scale.

That be­ing said, don’t waste your ad­di­tional caloric al­lowance on junk food. High-fat, high-calo­rie foods can ex­ac­er­bate acid re­flux - a com­mon is­sue dur­ing this trimester as baby takes up more and more of your in­ner square footage. Eat­ing junk also pro­motes ex­ces­sive weight gain and can put you at risk for birthing a larger baby, preeclamp­sia, preterm la­bor, ges­ta­tional di­a­betes yes, even fot women are sus­cep­ti­ble), in­som­nia and other com­pli­ca­tions.

Give baby all he or she needs while sat­is­fy­ing your own hun­gry self by bump­ing up the por­tion sizes of your meals and snacks. For in­stance, have 4 to 6 ounces of chicken in­stead of 3 to 4, or throw in an­other ¼ cup of oat­meal into your breakfast. High-fiber com­plex carbs dur­ing this fi­nal stretch of preg­nancy will help you feel more en­er­gized, steady your blood sugar and help baby to gain As healthy for train­ing, body­weight. con­tinue with your reg­u­lar rou­tine and add ex­er­cises that strengthen the pelvic floor like squats, hip raises, bridges and even Kegels. Avoid moves that re­quire you to lie on your back be­cause the weight of your baby will put pres­sure on the ve­nous re­turn of blood and could cause you to pass out. Also, avoid ply­o­met­ric ex­er­cises due to loos­ened joints, moves in­volv­ing ex­ces­sive hip flex­ion and any­thing that causes you pain.

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