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These healthy su­per­mar­ket con­ve­nience foods can help you keep your cool — get­ting you in and out of the kitchen — fast.

Baby Kale: These lit­tle leaves are plush with nu­tri­ents and an­tiox­i­dants, re­quire no chop­ping and have a less-bit­ter taste than full-grown kale. Add to sand­wiches, sal­ads and green smooth­ies.

Ro­tis­serie Chicken: An al­ready-cooked bird lets you add in­stant pro­tein to any meal. Ditch the skin to elim­i­nate a ton of sodium and fatty calo­ries.

Pep­padew Pep­pers: Of­ten sold jarred in brine, these sweet-spicy pep­pers can en­liven all forms of no-cook dishes. Try stuff­ing them with goat cheese or hummus for a no-fuss back­yard ap­pe­tizer.

Frozen Cooked Shrimp: Thaw as many as you need and reap the re­wards of this low-calo­rie pro­tein pow­er­house. Serve with low­sodium cock­tail sauce, or chop and add to a salad.

Canned Beans: Em­brace bud­get-friendly canned beans as a way to en­rich sal­ads, dips and tacos with nu­tri­ent-dense pro­tein and fiber. Frozen Cher­ries: Con­ve­niently pit­ted, these sweet nib­bles are the per­fect ad­di­tion to ce­real, desserts and even sa­vory dishes like tuna salad.

Smoked Salmon: No need to fire up the grill for your fish fix. Add this pre­cooked, vel­vety de­light to whole­grain crack­ers, wraps, sal­ads and sum­mer pic­nic char­cu­terie spreads.

Quinoa Flakes: Made by rolling whole quinoa seeds to flat­ten, these flakes are a great ad­di­tion to smooth­ies for a boost of pro­tein and fiber or as a high-pro sub for oat­meal.

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