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In an In­ter­na­tional Journal of Sport Nu­tri­tion and Ex­er­cise

Me­tab­o­lism study, peo­ple who ate chicken noo­dle soup be­fore cy­cling drank and re­tained more wa­ter dur­ing the ride than those who just downed H2O. Sodium and other as­pects of the soup seem to bring about a change in kid­ney func­tion that pro­motes bet­ter hy­dra­tion, and the noo­dles will give you some nec­es­sary en­er­giz­ing carbs for en­durance.

Eat This: Pregame Po­tage

Warm up a qual­ity store-bought soup such as Pa­cific Or­ganic Chicken Noo­dle about 30 to 60 min­utes be­fore car­dio. If you need more


Be­yond the ben­e­fits of re­stock­ing en­ergy stores and heal­ing mus­cles, Bri­tish re­searchers showed that peo­ple who con­sumed pro­tein and carbs in a 3-to-1 ra­tio af­ter a tread­mill run ex­pe­ri­enced less bone break­down and in­creased bone for­ma­tion. Cot­tage cheese has all the pro­tein you need for speedy re­cov­ery, while add-ins like gra­nola and fruit will please your carb-thirsty mus­cles.

Eat This: Bone-Bol­ster­ing Bowl

Blend to­gether ¾ cup of low-fat cot­tage cheese, 2 tea­spoons of peanut but­ter, ½ tea­spoon of vanilla ex­tract, ¼ tea­spoon of cin­na­mon and 1 frozen chopped ba­nana. Pour into a bowl and top with rasp­ber­ries and gra­nola.


Pucker up: Sev­eral stud­ies show that the an­tiox­i­dants in tart cher­ries (par­tic­u­larly the Amer­i­can-grown Mont­morency va­ri­ety) can pro­mote bet­ter re­cov­ery from ex­er­cise, in­clud­ing de­creas­ing mus­cle in­flam­ma­tion due to repet­i­tive mo­tions such as run­ning. And when con­sumed af­ter en­durance ex­er­cise, the sim­ple carbs in dried fruit are more likely to be stored as glyco­gen than as fat.

Eat This: Power Wrap

Stir to­gether 1⁄3 cup of ri­cotta cheese with 1 ta­ble­spoon of al­mond but­ter, 1 tea­spoon of maple syrup and ½ tea­spoon of vanilla ex­tract. Spread on a whole-grain wrap, and sprin­kle with a hand­ful of dried tart cher­ries.

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