Im­prove blood flow, in­crease range of mo­tion and re­lieve stress in less than five min­utes with this five-part stretch.

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This five-part stretch can mo­bi­lize you in less than five min­utes.

how many of you out there skip your warm-up? Now that ev­ery­one in North Amer­ica has raised their hands, let’s talk time-turkey: This stretch hits al­most ev­ery mus­cle in your body and takes less than five min­utes to ex­e­cute. It also com­bines dy­namic and static el­e­ments, chal­leng­ing your cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem, in­creas­ing your range of mo­tion, and length­en­ing and strength­en­ing your mus­cles si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

Do these five po­si­tions in or­der, hold­ing each for three to five sec­onds when us­ing as a warm-up or for five to 10 sec­onds when us­ing as a cooldown or for mo­bil­ity train­ing. Move smoothly be­tween po­si­tions, and per­form the en­tire se­quence three to five times per side. Breathe deeply through­out, and each time you re­peat the se­quence, try to stretch a lit­tle far­ther.

Part 1: LUNGE

For hip flex­ors, ham­strings, ad­duc­tors, glutes, calves, lower back Step your right leg for­ward and bend your right knee deeply, keep­ing your knee over your toes. Place both hands on the floor inside your right foot, align­ing them with your in­step, and square your hips. Keep your rear leg straight by ac­tively push­ing back through your heel, squeez­ing your glutes and con­tract­ing your quads.


For hip flex­ors, glutes, ham­strings, quads, calves, back Hold­ing your lunge po­si­tion and keep­ing your left hand in place, bend your right el­bow 90 de­grees so your fore­arm is par­al­lel with the floor and place it against the inside of your right leg. Slowly fold for­ward with a flat back and slide your el­bow down your leg as far as you can with­out round­ing your back. Your goal is to get your en­tire fore­arm on the floor with your el­bow on the inside of your arch (shown).


For tho­racic spine, shoul­ders, chest, ad­duc­tors, lower back, ham­strings, obliques, bi­ceps Place your right hand back on the floor inside your right foot and open your chest and shoul­ders to the left, reach­ing your left fingertips for the ceil­ing and look­ing up at your left hand (shown). Re­turn both hands to the cen­ter, re-square your hips, then keep your left hand on the floor as you turn to the right, reach­ing your right fingertips for the ceil­ing and look­ing up to­ward your hand.


For quads, hip flex­ors, ad­duc­tors, chest, shoul­ders Re­turn to the cen­ter, then place your left knee on the floor and tuck your pelvis un­der­neath as you reach your arms over­head, el­bows by your ears. Don’t over­arch your back; rather elon­gate by ac­tively reach­ing up­ward.


For ham­strings, back, calves Lower your arms and place your fingertips on the floor on ei­ther side of your right foot, then lift your glutes to­ward the ceil­ing as you straighten your right leg. Square your hips and keep your back as flat as pos­si­ble as you lift your right toes and press back into your left heel.

Mo­bi­lize your en­tire body in less than five min­utes.

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