Quick BOSU burn

Bored with your rou­tine? Throw your core a curve­ball (lit­er­ally) with this 20-minute to­tal-body BOSU cir­cuit.

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At the in­cep­tion of func­tional fit­ness, there was the BOSU — a large, blue pim­ple com­posed of half a sta­bil­ity ball se­cured to a flat rub­ber plat­form. But un­like many “fad” train­ing tools, the BOSU still holds its own, pro­vid­ing an un­sta­ble sur­face on which to train, thereby en­gag­ing more mus­cles and in­creas­ing the dif­fi­culty and in­her­ent value of each ex­er­cise.

“The BOSU’s added layer of in­sta­bil­ity re­ally forces you to en­gage your core and ac­ti­vate all your mus­cles,” says Danielle Na­toni, AFAA per­sonal trainer and ACE group fit­ness in­struc­tor based in Frisco, Texas, who cre­ated this to­tal-body work­out ex­clu­sively for Oxy­gen. “It’s a great tool for quick work­outs, build­ing mus­cle and el­e­vat­ing your heart rate to burn max calo­ries.”


Place your left foot in the cen­ter of the BOSU dome and ex­tend your right leg be­hind you, balanc­ing on your toes. Lower into a lunge, reach­ing your left arm for­ward and your right arm back. Quickly ex­tend your left leg to stand up on top of the BOSU, driv­ing your right knee through to hip height while swing­ing your left arm back and your right arm for­ward. Bal­ance briefly, then re­turn to the start. Do all reps on one side be­fore switch­ing.

Make it eas­ier: Do a toe tap in­stead of a knee drive. Make it harder: As you drive your knee for­ward, add a small jump.


Lie face­down with your ab­domen cen­tered on the BOSU dome and your feet spread wide for sta­bil­ity. Place your fingertips be­hind your head, el­bows flared, and al­low your up­per body to re­lax over the curve of the dome. Lift your torso and si­mul­ta­ne­ously twist to the right, open­ing your chest to the side as far as you can while reach­ing your right el­bow to­ward the sky. Pause, then lower to the start. Re­peat, al­ter­nat­ing sides.

Make it eas­ier: Elim­i­nate the twist and per­form hy­per­ex­ten­sions in­stead. Make it harder: Be­tween each twist, per­form a hy­per­ex­ten­sion.


Get into plank with your hands on the edges of the BOSU plat­form and your head, hips and heels aligned. Lift one leg off the floor, and keep your hips square as you bend your el­bows and lower your chest to­ward the BOSU un­til it’s nearly touch­ing. Re­turn to the start. Con­tinue, al­ter­nat­ing legs. Make it eas­ier: Keep both feet on the floor and fo­cus solely on the push-up. Make it harder: Pause for a count of two at the bot­tom of the push-up.


Place your hands on the edges of the BOSU plat­form and ex­tend your legs

bend your knee and place your foot next to the BOSU. Quickly hop and switch feet, keep­ing your hips low as you land with your left leg for­ward and your right leg back. Con­tinue at an even, yet brisk, pace. Make it eas­ier: Elim­i­nate the hop and bring your legs back to­gether in plank be­fore switch­ing sides. Make it harder: In­crease your speed.

CHAIR SQUAT Dome side down

Stand on the BOSU plat­form with your feet hip-width apart, toes for­ward. Kick your hips back and bend your knees to squat down as you raise your arms over­head, aim­ing to get your el­bows by your ears. Pause briefly, then stand back up to the start.

Make it eas­ier: Do a half-squat in the same man­ner, or place your hands on your hips and do a full squat.

Make it harder: Pause for a count of two at the bot­tom.

BIRD DOG HOLD Dome side up

Get on all fours with your knees on the BOSU, hands on the floor. Ex­tend your right leg be­hind you and reach your left arm for­ward so both limbs are par­al­lel to the floor, hips level. Hold here and breathe for 30 sec­onds. Re­peat on the other side. Make it eas­ier: Place the toes of the ex­tended leg on the ground. Make it harder: Reach your arm and leg out to the side.

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