Kick This Quad to the Curb

These four food groups — if you can call them that — are bad news when it comes to build­ing a healthy body. Here’s why.

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White Bread = White­heads A re­cent study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of the Academy of Nu­tri­tion and Di­etet­ics found a link be­tween the in­take of high-glycemic foods like white bread, white rice and sugar-laden drinks with pim­ple flare-ups. For blem­ish-free skin, swap the pro­cessed junk for qual­ity carb op­tions like brown rice, quinoa and whole rye bread.

Soda = Smaller Brain Re­searchers from Bos­ton Uni­ver­sity School of Medicine found that peo­ple who fre­quently drank sug­ary bev­er­ages like soda and bot­tled iced tea were more likely to suf­fer from mem­ory is­sues and had smaller brains over­all. In­stead, go with seltzer, water with le­mon or home­made, sugar-free iced tea.

Booze = Breast Can­cer Risk A Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal On­col­ogy study cites evidence that women who con­sume just a sin­gle al­co­holic drink a day face a slightly higher risk of breast can­cer. Our bod­ies break down al­co­hol into ac­etalde­hyde, a car­cino­gen that may raise the chances of de­vel­op­ing can­cer. Limit your im­bib­ing to once or twice a week, or opt for mock­tails when out with the girls.

Deli Meats = Weaker Bones Deli meats are su­per high in sodium, run­ning on av­er­age be­tween 250 to 300 mil­ligrams per ounce for most brands. Ex­cess sodium in­take can in­crease the amount of cal­cium that is flushed from your body, mean­ing there is less available for strength­en­ing your skele­ton. Keep your cal­cium in pocket by choos­ing fresh meats over pro­cessed ones, and be­ware of the sodium con­tent in other su­per­mar­ket sta­ples like bread, soup and cheese.

Save your­self the sunburn: Eat mush­rooms to get your daily dose of D.

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