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Medicine balls are old school — like, re­ally old school — and some be­lieve that Hip­pocrates cre­ated them for his pa­tients to help them re­cover from in­jury. To­day’s medicine balls are made of leather or vinyl and are filled with bal­last of dif­fer­ing weights. They also come in re­ac­tive and non­re­ac­tive ver­sions — some bounce back quickly and oth­ers hit the ground and stick.

“Medicine balls help de­velop ex­plo­sive power and ro­ta­tional trunk strength,” Roberts says. “They also train you to ab­sorb and re­di­rect force, im­prov­ing ath­letic per­for­mance and al­low­ing you to project that power in ev­ery plane of mo­tion.”

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