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Got a spare room, base­ment or un­used liv­ing room cor­ner and you can set up a home gym. If money and space aren’t an is­sue, go ahead and spring for a cou­ple of car­dio ma­chines and a full set of weights. Oth­er­wise, stick to these ver­sa­tile, af­ford­able pieces. You’ll save a ton of cash, and your work­out will be just as ef­fec­tive. 1 TRX Home2

You can use the TRX Sus­pen­sion Trainer for full-body strength­en­ing and car­dio, and be­cause the TRX is easy to set up, you can take it out­side or on the road. This home kit in­cludes a door an­chor, a sus­pen­sion an­chor (for at­tach­ing to trees, fences, poles and play­ground equip­ment) and a one-year sub­scrip­tion to the TRX app, which is packed with work­out moves and ideas. trx­train­ing.com $200

2 TRX Ket­tle­bell

Free weights are pricey, but you’ll get the most for your money with a ket­tle­bell. You can lift, press and pull it just like a dumb­bell, but you also have the op­tion of per­form­ing heart-revving, dy­namic move­ments like swings, cleans and snatches to get your sweat on. This one from TRX has a flat anti-wob­ble base and a smooth fin­ish for a more com­fort­able grip. trx­train­ing.com $40 (6 kilo­grams)

3 Per­fect Bands Kit

Be­lieve it or not, you can gen­er­ate up to 25 pounds of re­sis­tance with the bands in this kit! De­tach­able han­dles and a door mount al­low you to do ev­ery­thing from bi­ceps curls and over­head presses to run­ning drills and re­sisted lunges. It also in­cludes a down­load­able work­out guide and a stor­age bag for porta­bil­ity. per­fec­ton­line.com $20

4 Garage Fit Ply­o­met­ric Box

Step-ups, box jumps, tri­ceps dips, el­e­vated push-ups — with a solid ply­o­met­ric box, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less. Far stur­dier than a bench or plas­tic step, this wooden box can be placed on any one of its six sides, giv­ing you three dif­fer­ent height op­tions. Built-in han­dles make mov­ing and stack­ing eas­ier, and your shins will def­i­nitely ap­pre­ci­ate the rounded cor­ners. garag­e­gym.net $87

5 Keelo

If high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing is your thing, Keelo is your app. Sim­i­lar to a met­con or CrossFit WOD, the work­outs are pretty straight­for­ward, but HD in­struc­tional videos and a built-in timer en­sure you’re keep­ing proper form and aren’t skip­ping reps. Keelo also tracks your work­outs and in­te­grates with the Ap­ple Watch. keelo.com, free Premium $90/year

6 ClassPass

Even with a fully tricked-out home gym, you may want to drop in on a Spin class or box­ing ses­sion from time to time. And af­ter all these years, ClassPass is still your best bet. For $45, you can jump into two to three classes each month, depend­ing on price. New­bies get their ini­tial month for free, and any­one can can­cel at any time. classpass.com $45 for 1 month

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