Natalie Kimball

Virginia Beach, Virginia Stats: 28 • 126 lb • 5’3” Gig: Women’s health and fitness specialist


Strong Success.

For Natalie Kimball, a predilecti­on for weight training bloomed when she was 15 — she weighed 103 and was benching 95 pounds. In 2015, armed with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, a diagnostic health and fitness specializa­tion, and certificat­ions through ACE and NASM, she relocated cross-country to Virginia Beach to launch her own personal training business. “I knew one person in Virginia Beach when I moved and created a business from the ground up,” Kimball says. Three years later, she was leasing a commercial space and offering small-group strength-training classes on top of individual sessions.

Have Bands Will Travel.

Kimball follows an upper-/lower-body split with extra focus on posterior-chain exercises, and she switches between heavy movements and higher-rep functional exercises. “I use my off days for rest, foam rolling and mobility work,” she says. “I carry some bands with me, so when I’m on the road, I can work out on the beach, at apartment gyms or at the park.”

Food Times Two.

Kimball likes to prep her meals both midweek and again over the weekend. “Normally, I like making large dishes in the Crock-Pot or doing healthy twists on traditiona­l meals such as stuffed peppers, white chicken chili and stir-fry,” she says. She’s also an avocado fanatic. “I could eat them with just about anything,” she says.

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