Josefine Holmberg


Model for “Built From the Ground Up,” Page 18, and “The Essential Six,” Page 52

She was such a natural on camera that you’d never know that shooting for Oxygen was Josefine Holmberg’s first editorial experience. “It was so much fun!” she says. “I love fitness, and to spend a day with people sharing the same passion was amazing. The exercises she shot, however, were old hat. “I started first competing in CrossFit and placed first in a local competitio­n, then got into Olympic weightlift­ing,” she says. “I did three competitio­ns and placed first in two and second in the third.”

Holmberg has since transition­ed to bikini and figure competitio­n, and recently she placed first in the bikini True Novice, Novice and Open classes — all in the same show! And a behind-the-scenes secret: Holmberg and Sandra Jersby (model and author for “Taller in 10”and model for “Functional­ly Fit … for the End of the World”) are close friends and fellow native Swedes. “And no, we didn’t know each other when we lived in Sweden,” Holmberg says, laughing. “We met doing CrossFit here in the States.”

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