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ONE OF MY ear­li­est “beauty” mem­o­ries is ly­ing in my grand­mother’s bed as she rubbed Nivea on her arms, face, and neck. I can smell it as I write th­ese words and re­mem­ber how com­forted I felt. That blue jar was a fix­ture on her night­stand un­til she died decades later. Grow­ing up, I was drawn to prod­ucts that felt light and smelled fresh. I stuck with what worked for me—like the Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid I used as a teen. (I grad­u­ated to Olay’s To­tal Ef­fects. An­ti­ag­ing, you know.) I wasn’t much more ad­ven­tur­ous with makeup. In high school, col­lege, and be­yond, I wore an in­tense shade of pur­ple eye­shadow on my en­tire lid—up to the eye­brow! I’m still so skep­ti­cal about my abil­ity to make a smart shadow de­ci­sion that I avoid it en­tirely (ex­cept when I’m in pro­fes­sional hands). My health-and-sci­ence jour­nal­ism back­ground has al­ways helped me ap­pre­ci­ate ad­vances in skin care. I now cleanse gen­tly (Ce­taphil), brighten with a vi­ta­min C serum (Sk­inceu­ti­cals), and pro­tect with a mois­tur­iz­ing sun­screen (again Olay, with its gen­tle aroma). When I be­came a mom, I knew that the scent that ac­com­pa­nied my kisses would im­print on my girls. I can be vain about my skin, but my fa­ther had me­lanoma, so I’m also vig­i­lant about it. Af­ter years of search­ing, I found der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr. Neal Schultz, who gives me Bo­tox and helps me shrink my pores. Dur­ing my an­nual head-to-toe checkup, he said, “We talk about a lot of things dur­ing the year, but this is the most im­por­tant time we’ll spend to­gether.” Last spring, I pointed out a small, raised red spot on my nose and asked him to take it off. He didn’t think it looked like cancer, and in­stead of get­ting out a scalpel, he rec­om­mended mod­er­a­tion. He gave me gly­colic-acid pads and told me to rub the spot vig­or­ously with one ev­ery other night and come back in four weeks. By then, the red spot had en­tirely dis­ap­peared. We’ve in­cluded Beauty RX by Dr. Schultz Ad­vanced 10% Ex­fo­li­at­ing Pads in our Mom Knows Best beauty awards as a “time­less fave” (see page 118) be­cause I wanted you to know about them. I re­main a fan. Thanks to this lab-tested prod­uct and a very at­ten­tive doc­tor, I avoided skin surgery and a scar. Now that’s a beauty story to be proud of.

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