Do Not Lick This Book*

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Writ­ten by Idan Ben-barak, il­lus­trated by Ju­lian Frost

With a sense of hu­mor, this book teaches preschool­ers about mi­crobes through a com­bi­na­tion of witty text, cool “oh, wow” il­lus­tra­tions, and amaz­ing mi­cro­scopic pho­tos. “When my son saw the pic­tures, he said, ‘Eww,’ but the ick fac­tor is a big rea­son why he asks me to read it over and over,” says one mom. Ages 3 to 7+

“This book makes the prac­ti­cally in­con­ceiv­able easy for lit­tle kids to un­der­stand.” —Betsy Bird, chil­dren’s li­brar­ian and mom of two

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