The Big Book of the Blue

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Writ­ten and il­lus­trated by Yu­val Zom­mer

While kid read­ers were en­thralled by the va­ri­ety of sea crea­tures—”whoa, drag­onets!”—par­ents ap­pre­ci­ated the book’s clear or­ga­ni­za­tion. Each of 25+ spreads starts with a ques­tion that sounds like one a kid might ask, such as “Does a ly­ing ish re­ally ly?” and “Why is a whale so big?” A scav­enger hunt for 15 sar­dines scat­tered through­out the book adds an­other layer. “I loved the chal­lenge of in­d­ing them,” says Jack­son, 7. Heads-up to par­ents: There’s an an­swer key at the end of the book in case you need to give hints. Ages 4 to 10

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