That time my kid was sick but I had to work

Parents (USA) - - Editor’s Note - —Judy Kout­sky

“Be­cause my 3-year-old son only hap­pily en­ter­tains him­self while in the bath, I took a con­fer­ence call while he played with a can of shav­ing cream in the tub. I sat on the toi­let lid with the phone on mute un­til I needed to speak.” —Bar­rie

“When my in­fant daugh­ter had a slight fever that meant she had to leave day care, my hus­band took her to his of ice and let her nap in a ile box sit­ting on the loor. No one even knew she was there.” —Aimee

“I had an im­por­tant meet­ing, and my al­most-2-year-old woke with a fever. I put on my suit, strapped him to my back in a baby car­rier, and pro­ceeded to work. I walked in, told my staff to ig­nore him, and par­tic­i­pated in the meet­ing with­out ever ac­knowl­edg­ing that I had a small fever­ish hu­man at­tached to me.” —Leslie

“My son woke with a fever on the day of a big meet­ing. I gave him Advil, took him to day care, then turned off my phone. After the meet­ing (and many mes­sages from the day care), I apol­o­gized pro­fusely, say­ing I didn’t know my phone was off.” —Judy

“I put my cranky tod­dler in his car seat and drove around un­til he fell asleep. Then I called in to my meet­ing and con­ducted it via speak­er­phone while driv­ing, afraid a lack of mo­tion would wake my son. I cir­cled the neigh­bor­hood dozens of times. I’m sure my neigh­bors thought I was nuts.” —Lisa

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