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Rock Their Sensory Play

Let those little hands clutch, splosh, and pick their way through hands-on good times.


8. Go bananas with shaving cream.

Have your kids hop into a dry bathtub with their swimsuit on. Add a bowl of warm water, a giant pile of shaving foam, and some toys. (Kids under 5 will, obvi, need supervisio­n.) Afterward, turn on the faucet and rinse it all away. —Lizzie Assa, founder of the Instagram account @the workspace for children

9. Free the bears.

Keep a preschool-age child engaged while refining their (kid-safe) scissor skills: Drop a small plastic bear (or LEGO figure or Shopkins character) into each cup of a muffin tin, trap them with painter’s tape, then tell your kid, “The bears were captured and need your help to escape!”

—Beth Rosenbleet­h, founder of Dayswithgr­

10. Sort stuff.

Give your 4- or 5-year-old buttons or pom-poms and then encourage them to divide the items into a muffin tin by size, shape, or color. Kids love to organize and put things into piles, and working with very small objects helps them drop into a flow state.

—Dana Anderson, a Montessori teacher in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

11. Assemble a sensory bin.

Fill a shallow storage container with a few pounds of dried black beans, then toss in some toys (plastic bugs, constructi­on vehicles, action figures) for a tactile experience. Add cups, serving utensils, and funnels for scooping. When your child is done, snap on the lid and store the container for another day.

—Renu Blankinshi­p, founder of the Instagram crafting account @makermint


These materials make great fillers too: rice, split peas, cotton balls, Easter grass, seashells, dried pasta, popcorn kernels, leaves, pom-poms, beads, or scraps of fabric. (If your little one is still mouthing objects, choose larger items to minimize the risk of choking.)

 ??  ?? Their little pincer grasp will get a workout with this task.
Their little pincer grasp will get a workout with this task.

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