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Protect Your Mom Vision

A closer look at some common eye issues


EYESIGHT is an easy thing for busy parents to neglect, but vision changes do happen in your 30s and beyond. Momhood even plays a role. In pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause blurry eyesight. And many parents find themselves dealing with dry eyes and digital strain as they sacrifice sleep and juggle remote work and Zoom school, says Mina Massaro-giordano, M.D., professor of clinical ophthalmol­ogy at Penn Medicine. Loss of near vision can also kick in at this age.

Eye issues often warrant a doctor’s appointmen­t, yet visits to ophthalmol­ogists plummeted by approximat­ely 80 percent at the start of the pandemic, according to JAMA Ophthalmol­ogy.

If you’ve been using over-the-counter artificial tears as a temporary fix for discomfort, see your doctor if you “still experience pain or blurry vision,” advises Soroosh Behshad, M.D., chief of ophthalmol­ogy at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital and assistant professor of ophthalmol­ogy at Emory Eye Center, in Atlanta. And if you’re wondering more about day-to-day strain, use this guide to focus on some typical culprits.

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