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Erin Napier


On HGTV’S hit Home Town, artsy Napier and her woodworkin­g husband, Ben, modernize neighbors’ houses in Laurel, Mississipp­i, often using found materials and creative solutions that fit each home’s history. On this spring’s special Home Town Takeover, they restore 12 spots in Wetumpka, Alabama, including an entire downtown street. Next up: a baby sister on the way for their 3-year-old, Helen.

● Recent parenting win Helen has been totally potty trained for several months.

● Recent parenting fail She watched Band of Brothers with Ben. (But! She did cheer for the good guys!)

● My parenting superpower Knowing when Helen’s making bad choices because she’s just tired, not because she’s misbehavin­g

● My parenting kryptonite Giving her what she wants because she says, “I love you so bad, though, Mommy”

● Best time of day When she wakes up in the morning wanting kisses

● Worst time of day 7 P.M. if there’s been no nap that afternoon

● Meals I make that the fam loves Fried rice, spaghetti and meatballs

● Meal I tried that the

fam rejected Ben rejects nothing. Helen hates mashed potatoes, even homemade ones.

● I feel like a cool

mom when Helen asks to watch videos of bluegrass bands or Russian ballet.

● I feel like an uncool mom when Helen asks me not to sing along to the songs she likes.

● Best trait my kid got from me Creativity and imaginatio­n, like when she makes up elaborate background stories for all of her Peter Rabbit figurines and plays with them by herself for an hour, uninterrup­ted

● Unfortunat­e trait my kid got from me A very sensitive nose

● Kid activity I love Long walks collecting flowers and leaves to show off to her grandmothe­rs and nanny. She gathers them like prizes and keeps them in the basket of her stroller for a few days before emptying it to start all over again.

● Kid activity I hate Going to the doctor! She’s always so afraid, and in the time of COVID-19, only one of us can be there to comfort her. It would be so much easier if Daddy could be with us.

● At least I have this down I can talk with Helen about anything, even mermaid hair and invisible friends. She feels understood.

● I am still figuring this out When to worry, when to let it go

 ??  ?? Designer Napier has a knack for seeing possibilit­ies in any building.
Designer Napier has a knack for seeing possibilit­ies in any building.

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