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With this project, it pays to present some supplies, give a quick how-to, and after that, step aside, advises art teacher Barbara Rucci, who blogs at

Art Bar Blog and is the cofounder of The Creativity Project, a series of art-centric home-school guides. “Let kids take the lead because they’ll be pretty excited.”


Painter’s drop cloth or a large, flattened cardboard box Paper (8x11 in. or larger) Washable tempera paints, preferably in squirt bottles Cotton cosmetic rounds Wooden spoons or mallets

1. Lay down the drop cloth or cardboard, preferably outdoors, and rest paper on top of it.

2. Let your kid squirt a small blob of paint onto a cotton round. Set it on the paper, paint side down.

3. Hand them a wooden spoon and have them smash the round, splatterin­g the paint on the paper to create a design that’s splashy, swirly, or just utterly bonkers.

4. Experiment with layering colors, changing up the method (squirt the paint on the paper, then put the round on top), and varying the amount of paint and rounds. Kids can pick up the rounds after smashing or leave them as part of the artwork.

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