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Diving into a fluffy cloud of foam is a great way to experience a fun, new texture, says Grogan, who educates families on sensory issues and picky eating on the blog Your Kids Table. “Make the objects they’re searching for somewhat visible so they don’t have to dig far for them,” she says. “Once they’re used to the texture, you can bury the toys.”


An assortment of small, waterproof toys (think Matchbox cars, dinosaur figurines, letters, or plastic dolls)

A plastic bin, baby pool, or water table

Two cans of foamy shaving cream or children’s foam soap


Place the toys in the bin, and squirt the contents of the cans of shaving cream on top.

2. Send your kid on a searchand-rescue mission. If using letters, have them fish around until they pull out their name. Or ask them to find a red car or the T. rex. “Often, kids will start to enjoy the texture and get silly and want to sit in the shaving cream or spread it over their bodies,” Grogan says. “That’s the whole point here. Encourage it!”

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