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Have Hair, Don’t Care

We asked a few moms who decided to stop removing their body hair to share their insights.


“Recently, I’ve made a conscious habit to keep my armpit hair, because it’s natural. It’s my stand against beauty standards,” says Chaneen Saliee, a mom of two and an influencer in London whose Instagram Reel on the subject went viral. “My daughter said, ‘I want hair, too,’ so I drew fake hair on her armpits. It’s important to me that my children know that what grows on their body is normal and acceptable and that they don’t have to change themselves for any reason.”

“Pre-pandemic, I got Brazilian waxes every six weeks and had my eyebrows threaded monthly; being hairy felt like the bane of my existence,” says Atena Hosseini Moore, a mom of two in Annandale, Virginia. “But then the pandemic happened. It’s given me no other choice but to embrace the hair growth.”


Once you’ve landed on embracing body hair, remember that it benefits from a little hydration. Smooth one pump of the hempseed- and lavender-based Noto Botanics Agender Oil ($44; notobotani­ anywhere you have hair to soften it. “I’m a middleof-the-roader. I don’t shave unless I feel like it,” says Rebecca Scritchfie­ld, a mom of two in Washington, D.C. “My hair is thin and light, so even when I post a brag pic of my pit hair, it’s nothing special. I just don’t care about the gaze of others.”

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