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The Antidote


How do you shore up your child’s defenses against a not-alwayswelc­oming world? Adrienne Farr looks for every opportunit­y to celebrate Black excellence.

I TAKE DELIGHT in hearing my daughter talk about how she loves her skin color. Or when she says, “She’s beautiful,” when she sees a Black woman on television. While these may seem like small things, to me they’re huge, because I didn’t always feel that way when I was growing up. Then again, many things have changed since I was a kid. My daughter has Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris in her world and is living amid their excellence, not just reading a book about past heroes and wondering what they must have been like. I’m able to show her films and read her books that center on Black characters; there’s a wealth of them. I keep pictures in our home of strong Black figures. And I do all of this in hopes that when my daughter encounters racism, which she will, her knowledge that Black is beautiful, strong, and accomplish­ed will help her call that bigotry what it is and keep it from sinking in, changing how she feels about herself. I have tremendous faith that she can rise above that, because even at age 4, she’s already so sound and secure in her Blackness.

Adrienne Farr is the executive operations coordinato­r at Parents.

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