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Turns out, it’s all about wet sand—and carving. Ed “Sandy Feat” Moore, of Raleigh, North Carolina, famous for his creations, has these tips.



Fill the bucket full of water first, then add about half a bucket’s worth of sand. Scoop the extra-wet sand from the bottom and plop it onto the beach as your base.

MAKE A PILE. Next, build a hill of sand on your base with an indentatio­n in the middle (like a big donut), then dump a bucket of water over it. You’ll have super-wet sand—which holds up better than dry—to start your creation.

USE A SCULPTING TOOL. Hand your kid a shell, a stick, or a plastic spoon.

CARVE INTO THE WET SAND. Carving offers more creativity and control than the usual bucket mold. Instead of the classic castle, try sculpting a turtle or a fish.

DIG A MOAT TO FRAME YOUR CREATION. Scrape around the sculpture with hands or a shell.

BE NICE! Respect the sand art of others. If you didn’t make it, don’t break it.

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