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“I said yes to my kids’ pleas to bring the Barbie camper, a cumbersome, 2-foot-long toy. Of course, when we were leaving, no one wanted to carry it. I persuaded the kids to take turns, and it took 15 minutes, with many stops to pick up Barbie dolls that kept falling out of the doors. People were lined up behind our slow trek, but we made it. I had tears running down my cheeks from laughing.” —KELLE HAMPTON, NAPLES, FL

“Taking a kite last year was so fun. It was adorable watching my giant husband helping our little girls get it in the air. No devices, just a kite on a string, and the salty air.” —SHAKIRA PATTERSON, KURE BEACH, NC

“We had this one crazy tent that folded into a circle. I thought, ‘That’s brilliant, it just pops open!’ But at the end of the day, we were struggling to get the dang thing back into a circle. Everyone around us was staring. We carried the open tent between us back to the car.” —PRISCILLA VEGA, LOS ANGELES, CA

“When our son was a toddler, we took a small inflatable pool to the ocean beach, filled it up with buckets of salt water, and let him play in it in the shade of our tent. It was great!” —LAURA FENTON, QUEENS, NY

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