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OVER THE LAST FEW WEEKS, Venus squared Mars, turned ret­ro­grade, and squared it again. In that time, most of us have felt a chal­lenge that has stirred our emo­tions. Whether we’re re­act­ing to re­cent po­lit­i­cal machi­na­tions or to a per­sonal chal­lenge, we know what we’re up against, and now it’s time to do some­thing about it.

Our emo­tional ghosts are up and run­ning with Venus ret­ro­grade in Scorpio, where she is not a happy camper. We can find our­selves ob­sess­ing over an ex or won­der­ing why his­tory is re­peat­ing it­self, but let’s not be­lieve that we’re caught in the past. It’s just time to work down to the next layer of heal­ing.

There’s a lot we can do this week. Mer­cury is in Scorpio, a place of long mem­ory and un­easy for­give­ness. But this as­pect pro­vides the fo­cus to do what needs to be done. Mer­cury con­juncts ret­ro­grade Venus and can lend a voice to all the things we typ­i­cally as­so­ciate with that planet: women, emo­tions, and our cre­ative muses.

As the week­end be­gins, a Sagittarius moon en­cour­ages us to get out into the sun­shine, dive into the heart of au­tumn, and re­new our spir­its. Find a new level of hon­esty un­der this out­spo­ken moon; step out of po­lar­ized opin­ions and into a more holis­tic way of liv­ing.

The moon en­ters prag­matic Capricorn on Sun­day and re­minds us to get back to long-term plans. Venus con­juncts Mer­cury in Scorpio on Mon­day and sharp­ens our fo­cus. Let peo­ple speak their feel­ings. We can work to­gether more com­fort­ably and make progress on Wed­nes­day and Thurs­day as the moon en­ters Aquarius.

FRI­DAY, OCT. 12: In­stead of wor­ry­ing, use a sane and sta­bi­liz­ing Mer­curySaturn sex­tile to get mo­men­tum go­ing on pro­duc­tive ac­tion af­ter an un­set­tling week. Start early, with doors open in the morn­ing. En­ergy be­gins to flag in the af­ter­noon. Get some se­ri­ous R&R this week­end. Rest­less­ness gives us a taste of wan­der­lust.

SATUR­DAY, OCT. 13: Get out­side this morn­ing as the Sagittarius moon squares Nep­tune. Dogs and kids need play­time, and so do most adults. It’s good to let our world ex­pand. Take time to read about far­away places, and ab­sorb news we’ve ig­nored. Re­flect upon per­sonal is­sues from a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion.

SUN­DAY, OCT. 14: Peo­ple need to share their truths this morn­ing, but can get stuck in their opin­ions at mid­day as the moon en­ters Capricorn. This evening, our minds come back to our per­sonal and pro­fes­sional work. We may want to move fur­ni­ture or make some tan­gi­ble dif­fer­ence.

MON­DAY, OCT. 15: We have ac­cess to both de­ter­mi­na­tion and elo­quence — but maybe not kind­ness — as Mer­cury con­juncts Venus in Scorpio. Feel­ings turn into ac­tions sup­ported by a Capricorn moon, so let’s watch what feel­ings we act upon.

TUES­DAY, OCT. 16: A moon-Pluto con­junc­tion can leave us down, dis­cour­aged, or de­ter­mined. It may be hard to tap into the imag­i­na­tion un­til late in the af­ter­noon as the moon sex­tiles Jupiter.

WED­NES­DAY, OCT. 17: Look around for sup­port, for strange al­lies or peo­ple whose dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives and ex­pe­ri­ences can broaden pos­si­bil­i­ties as the moon en­ters col­lab­o­ra­tive Aquarius and squares Uranus. In­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships may feel a bit off. Our view is on the larger pic­ture, and it’s easy to miss clues close to home.

THURS­DAY, OCT. 18: Watch a ten­dency to gloss over anger and let it be­come shadow ma­te­rial; it’s im­por­tant for us to own our feel­ings. Find healthy ways to deal with am­bi­tion, de­sire, and anger as Mars semisquares Ch­i­ron. We need brave, forth­right out­spo­ken­ness.

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