Pasatiempo - - KID'S PROSE - by Bethany Car­de­nas Age eleven, home-schooled stu­dent

Hi! My name is Guppy! I can’t ac­tu­ally write; I have a host that writes for me. I have a wife named Sadie and a sis­ter-in-law, Lazy Lou. But first, let’s start off with my be­gin­nings.

Let’s start with my very first owner. I was born in a house, and all I re­mem­ber was my mother, Wendy, was one of the most beau­ti­ful dogs I’ve ever seen. Of course, she looks like me. But that’s all I re­mem­ber of my orig­i­nal fam­ily.

I was adopted by a won­der­ful fam­ily. There were two chil­dren and their mother and fa­ther. I re­mem­ber, when the girl was about to be ten years old, her fam­ily sur­prised her with a painted pink room. And oh! How that paint smelled! Any­way, while she was at her grandma’s house, I had to suf­fer with the smell.

But sadly, two years later, their house started on fire. While they were out­side, they re­mem­bered they had for­got­ten me! The boy ran in and man­aged to save me. It caused him to have a metal leg the rest of his life. Then I saw bright lights com­ing toward me. I ran to the other side of the road and never saw the fam­ily ever again. Soon, I was found.

A woman picked me up and took me home. Her name was Linda. She used to love me, but one day she came home from work and was an­gry. She took her anger out on me. I ran away many times, but she al­ways found me. Then a car came!

It stopped right in front of me. I was fear­ful that it was Linda. The woman in the car opened the door. The woman said, “Come on, dog­gie!” It was not Linda, I was happy to hear. It was a dif­fer­ent voice than Linda’s. So I went into the car.

I was put in a back­yard. After that, I stayed in front of a dif­fer­ent house. Only for a cou­ple of days. When I was fi­nally trusted, they gave me a bath and brought me in­side.

I love to cud­dle and sleep! They love me for who I am. My wife, Sadie, will be in the se­quel. Not all sto­ries end with a happy end­ing like mine did.

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