Neal Philpott, Peeking Through (2019), oil on canvas


Sugarman Peterson Gallery, 130 W. Palace Ave., 505-982-0340, sugarmanpe­tersongall­ery .com Artist Neal Philpott’s landscapes capture an ephemeral quality of light and form with a certain softness of appearance. But their stillness and quietude contrast with the sweeping intensity of whitewater streams and dramatic cloud-filled skies. Sometimes, wide-open mountain vistas beckon with the welcome sights of a far-off homestead. His nuanced compositio­ns reflect the changing seasons and the fleeting moods of nature. Since 1988, he’s lived in Oregon City, Oregon, finding inspiratio­n in the splendor of the Northweste­rn terrain. An exhibition of his new paintings is currently on view and is up through Sept. 30.

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