Brigitte Carnochan, Lost in Balms (2018), platinum/palladium print on Japanese gampi paper with gold leaf


Obscura Gallery, 1405 Paseo de Peralta, 505-577-6708, obscuragal­ Like the poet Emily Dickinson, photograph­er Brigitte Carnochan has a passion for botanicals. In a series of photograph­s inspired by the 19th-century American poet, Carnochon revisits subject matter from earlier in her career, when she painted over floral imagery. Inconspicu­ous and partially hidden snippets of handwritte­n text culled from the poems of Dickinson augment the new works, which were created using the 19thcentur­y platinum/palladium process, giving her photograph­s an antique feeling. The exhibit Emily’s Garden is currently on view and remains up through Oct. 27.

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